Portfolio Entry #4 – Islam vs. Christianity Essay

In my History class, we had to write a letter pretending to be either Jesus or Muhammad, writing to the other person, comparing and contrasting Christianity and Islam. I pretended to be Jesus, and I wrote to Muhammad about the pros and cons about his religion. We worked on this project in class for about 3 class periods, and whatever wasn’t finished in class was for homework. This was an individual assignment, but we were allowed to ask our other groups members questions.

This was a fun assignment, because I had the opportunity to write as another person about a really cool topic. I really liked how we could pretend to be either Jesus or Muhammad, instead of being required to be one or the other. I got a 100, so there is nothing I would really change about the assignment. If I could do this project again, I would write to Jesus as Muhammad, to get another perspective on the project.

Below, there is a picture of my letter that is also linked to the project. Enjoy 🙂


Portfolio Entry #3 – Nicaragua Presentation

In this project, I had to work with a group to create a powerpoint presentation about a Spanish-speaking country. My group was assigned the country of Nicaragua. This was done in my Spanish class, and took about 3 class periods. The members of the group were chosen randomly, as was the country. We had to include the capital of the country, its neighboring countries, its currency, the population, important people in that country, the government, important locations in that country, popular food, and common holidays in that country. We were allowed to use word reference to translate unknown words, but not Google Translate.

One of the main likes that I had about this project was that I was able to learn about another country that I didn’t know very much about. I also liked that we were allowed to choose the Spanish-speaking countries that could be assigned, so that we could have more fun while doing the project. What I didn’t really like was that our groups were picked randomly. I don’t have many friends in my Spanish class to begin with, and some of my groups members didn’t do a lot of work. I personally feel like my final product couldn’t have been any better, because it was a bit difficult.

Below, there is a picture of the first slide and the presentation in linked. This presentation is in Spanish. Enjoy 🙂

Portfolio Entry #2 – Cardboard Chair

In my Tech-Ed class, we were sorted in groups to construct a chair made out of cardboard, with the only thing holding the cardboard in place being hot glue. We were allowed to use tape to hold something in place while the glue dries, but other than that it was just cardboard and glue. The chair had to hold one person for at least one minute, and at had to be at least 40 cm off the ground. the chair also had to have a back. During this project, I learned about that different forces that are put onto an object, like internal and external forces, compression, and gravity. I also learned how to add support to the chair by creating triangle, as it is the strongest shape. My group was myself, Marissa, and Hailey D. The goal in the end was to create a functional chair that is made out of cardboard. I really enjoyed this project, especially since we were all proven wrong by our teacher because we thought that the chairs would fall apart if someone sat on them! My group wrote, “Carl Poppa Grimes,” on the seat and the back of our chair. We all really like The Walking Dead, so we thought it was appropriate. We also made a footrest, which Hailey D took home, and a microwave, which Marissa took home. I got to take home the chair! (YAY.) When everyone was done with their chair, we had a “Chair Fair” with the rest of our grade. Our chair was one of the last ones standing by the end of it, because the rest of them broke. Overall, I am proud of this project, and would gladly do it again if I could.



Portfolio Entry #1 – Gloria in Excelsis Deo

In Strings class, we learned a song called, “Gloria in Excelsis Deo.” The part I had was Solo Violin One. This was specially picked for eighth grade to play at the winter concert in December. We were given the song a few months ago, and my class is making great progress on it. Gloria is very fast, with the solo violin parts having mostly eighth and sixteenth notes. This song is very complicated, with both the solos and the regular parts being played all at once. The goal of learning this song was that, in the end, all of the 8th Grade orchestra would be able to play Gloria in Excelsis Deo at full speed in tune. This was so that we all could advance to a higher level of playing. While learning this song, I learned that listening to each other is important, not just in music, but in life. Most of this song was a struggle to learn, but once we got through it, we all enjoyed playing the song. I am very excited to play this at the winter concert.




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